Diploma Certificate

Diploma Certificate

Diploma in Commerce and Technology (DCT)
Diploma in Intellectual Property (DIP)

Who should apply for the Diploma?

The Diploma is designed for lawyers, students, business executives, patent or trademark practitioners, technology managers or professionals who want to gain substantial knowledge and practical skills through academic coursework. The Diploma incorporates the same curriculum as the one-year program, but the student only completes 15 credits of study in one semester. (Diploma credits earned may qualify for LL.M. or Master degree.)

Tuition information is available here - listed as "Certificates: Commerce & Technology, Intellectual Property."

  • Available in residential program only
  • Program start date in August
  • Requires 15 credits for completion
  • No part-time option available
  • Diploma must be completed in one semester
  • Apply by LSAC or our Website
  • Bar track not available
Diploma Intellectual Property Commerce and Technology
American Legal Process and Analysis 1 2 credits 2 credits
E-Commerce and the Law 2 credits
Total credits needed 2 4
Total elective credits needed 13 11
Total credits for diploma 15 15