Grading & Class Rank

For Employers – Grading & Class Rank

Mean Grade of B

In all UNH School of Law classes with more than 15 students, the mean grade in the class will be no higher than a B. For a particular class, a faculty member may request a waiver from this policy from the Teaching Effectiveness Committee.

In order to receive a waiver, the instructor must show a compelling reason, such that the class is a "mastery" class, involving extensive student discussion and oral and written presentations, which would lead to a majority of the class demonstrating mastery of the subject.

The policy does not apply to classes with less than 15 students. For classes between 15 and 25 students, the waiver provision will be liberally applied. For classes with more than 25 students, there are expected to be few waivers. (In classes with fewer than 15 students or where waivers have been granted, there will be no mandatory mean for the class.)

Class Rank Policy

It is the policy of UNH School of Law to calculate the percentage class ranking of a student or graduate who requests it. Percentage class rankings are calculated at the conclusion of the fall and spring semesters and are given only to the student or graduate; they are not published.

Numerical Equivalents, Credit Unit/Grade Equivalents

One credit is equal to one hour (60 minutes) per week of class meeting time or 14 hours per semester.

Fall 1981-present
A+ = 4.33
A = 4.00
A– = 3.67 B+ = 3.33
B = 3.00
B– = 2.67 C+ = 2.33
C = 2.00
C– = 1.67 D+ = 1.33
D = 1.00
D– = 0.67 F or U = 0

S = grade of C- or higher
U = grade of less than C-
O = outstanding performance by student in a class that is graded solely on a S/U/O basis or in an Independent Study

E = Transfer credits and grades
AW = Administrative Withdrawal
R = Retake of course
AU = Audit
T = Transfer credit only